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Baptisms:  The Dayboro Uniting Church is a popular venue for infant baptisms which are conducted within a Sunday service. Services are held every Sunday at 8.30am but it is essential to book a couple of months ahead.


Baptism is a welcoming into the family of God and is a beautiful sacramental ceremony. The Uniting Church liturgy allows for godparents and all the children present are encouraged to gather around the baptismal family and the minister conducting the ceremony.


Parents need to complete a registration form prior to the service and they will receive a copy of the service in advance. Once the child has been baptised at the font there is a presentation of a bible book, candle and certificate as well as the face cloth used during the ceremony.
Parents are asked to provide a photograph to be included on the cover of the service sheet.

Confirmation:  We prepare people for confirmation and adult baptism. Once a person is old enough to make their own commitment and acknowledge Jesus as their Saviour a program called Christianity Explained is offered by our pastoral team as a way to help them make an informed decision about this commitment.

Enquiries about a baptism or confirmation should be discussed with our minister.

Pastor Dan Nugent:
Mobile 0438 542 703
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