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A wedding is a time of celebration and joy and we try to make your special day just that. We are licensed to conduct Christian weddings using the rites of the UCA. Our church only accepts bookings for Christian weddings. You may have your own minister conduct the ceremony using the rites of your denomination provided he/she is registered as a religious celebrant. Details need to be provided.

We recommend that you complete a relationship program. We suggest PREPARE/ENRICH which you can find online. Our minister may be prepared to discuss your program results with you.
The Service
Please look through the service outline, which we will provide at a pre-marriage interview. You may have one scripture reading and an additional and appropriate reading (e.g. a poem) approved by the minister or simply have one or more Christian Bible readings. You may have other inclusions in the service if they are approved by the minister.

The Venue
The Uniting Church Dayboro - can seat 100 people, and is fully air conditioned - fee on application.
Other venues, by negotiation, are always possible. An invoice will be issued with details of the fees and deposit. The fee does not include musician, flowers or other special requests which remain your responsibility to organise. Your deposit confirms the booking and the holding of the date. Final payment for the chapel and or hall should be completed a month prior to the wedding.

The Minister's Fee
The minister’s fee is determined by the minister conducting the service and covers the cost of the interview, all preparation and lodging of documents, rehearsal and travel. Payment to the minister should be completed a month prior to the wedding. Fee provided on application.

The Scripture Readings
One or more passages of Scripture shall be read. The following or other readings are appropriate:
New Testament
      1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and 13 Love is patient and kind...(The most popular)
      Ephesians 3:14-21 The Father from whom every family is named...
      Colossians 3:12-17 Love which binds everything together...
      1 John 4:7-16 Let us love one another for love is of God...

Old Testament
      Song of Solomon 2:10-13; 8:6-7 Many waters cannot quench love...
      Psalm 128 Happy are they who fear the Lord...

The Music and Songs
You may hire your own musician/s. It is not recommended that songs/hymns be sung unless the gathering is made up of regular singers or worshippers. Music can be played off a device through the sound system. It is needed for (i) prior to the arrival of bridal party (ii) entry of bride (iii) signing of registers and (iv) exit procession. We do offer you the freedom to select the music, however, the minister has the right of refusal if he/she feels the music may be inappropriate for a church setting.

The Rehearsal
In the days just before the wedding a rehearsal should be conducted at the venue. The entire bridal party (including anyone escorting the bride into the church) should attend with the bride and groom. Booking is essential and no extra fee is charged. At this time a further government declaration is signed.

The Documents
Please bring your birth certificate or passport to the initial interview + one other photographic proof of identity – ideally your driver licence or proof of age card; evidence of divorce, details of parents' full names and countries of birth. One government form is to be completed no later than a month before the wedding, one is signed just before the wedding, and others at the wedding ceremony. The Register and Certificate are signed in the presence of the gathering.

Pastor Dan Nugent:
Mobile 0438 542 703
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